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Get points for downloads. Exchange points for goodies.

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Points FAQ

Do you count all downloads?
No. We count all completed unique free downloads from others. This means that the download is only counted after it is completed. Also, it must be a free download so no points are given for premium downloads. Also, it must be unique so if the same IP downloads the same file again, it is not counted. Also, it must be downloaded by others so if the IP address of downloader matches with the uploader, no points are given.
The other restrictions seem fine but why insist on free downloads? Why are no points given for premium downloads? What good are premium downloads then?
Premium users download multiple files simultaneously using accelerators without any CAPTCHA or other hurdle. Thus they are able to download huge numbers of files. If we give points for every premium download, the whole system will collapse. However, premium downloads are not useless. They give you higher PPD. See the details of PPD calculation. Also, sometimes they give you significant bonus points.
What are the restrictions on free downloaders
Free downloaders may only download one file at a time. They must wait for a short time before each download. The waiting period depends on how long ago they downloaded the last file and how big it was. They cannot use download accelerators or any other automation to download files. To ensure this, a CAPTCHA needs to be completed before downloading.


  1. Max allowed file size is 10 GB. Split archives are allowed. Theoretically, uploaded files must be at least 1 byte to qualify for points. However, making files extremely small or sharing simple text/junk files just to earn more points can lead to your account being banned.
  2. Files not complying with our Terms of Service may be deleted anytime without warning.
  3. Your account will be suspended and all points forfeited if you try to cheat the system or your uploads are repeatedly found to be violating the Terms of Service.
  4. Downloading your own files will not give you any points.
  5. Investigating the sources of the traffic that goes into your files is a right that we reserve. Cheating downloads and manipulating our system in any way is expressly prohibited.
  6. Links distribution by email, online messengers, etc to strangers is classified as SPAM (even if opt-in) and is expressly prohibited. We only recognise public websites as legitimate sharing.

Bonus Points

1. Share your links on many websites and new websites to earn maximum bonus points.
2. Full details coming soon.

PPD Calculation

  1. Points Per Download (PPD) is the rate at which uploaders are given points for downloads of their files. PPD is a per-uploader property so every uploader has his own PPD which has no relation to anyone else.
  2. PPD for every user is recalculated every six hours. The current PPD is displayed on the My Account page and a few details can be seen on clicking the link given there.
  3. PPD depends on the mainly two factors - premium sales generated by your files and the number/ratio of free/premium downloads of your files.
  4. More sales means higher PPD.
  5. More free downloads means lower PPD.
  6. High ratio of premium : free downloads means higher PPD.
  7. PPD ranges from 1 to 400.
  8. More details coming soon.

Deletion Policy

  1. Files uploaded by premium users will not be deleted as long as the user has premium status. If the premium status expires and is not renewed within 72 hours, the normal rules will apply.
  2. Only completed downloads are counted. Incomplete downloads due to any reason are not considered.
  3. A newly uploaded file must be downloaded at least once within 30 days after upload or it will be added to deletion queue.
  4. After the first download, your file will not be deleted for at least 180 days after the last download. If your file has not been downloaded even once in the last 180 days, it will be added to deletion queue.
  5. Files in deletion queue are not deleted automatically. They will be deleted only if there is a shortage of storage space on our servers, which is unlikely as we are constantly monitoring the space and adding more servers. However, this should not be taken as a given and files in deletion queue may be deleted anytime without warning.